The Baseline Assessment Report (BAR) is an invaluable tool to help players and coaches understand a hitters performance.  The BAR will not make you a better hitter.  It will help you understand though how instruction, drill work, and practice combine to make you a better hitter.   

BARs are included with lesson pricing when purchasing HitTrax based lesson packages.

The HitTrax Baseline Assessment Report provides a snapshot of a hitters performance in the following areas:

  • Point of Impact
  • Play Outcome
  • Launch Angle by Pitch location
  • Exit Velocity (Max and Average)
  • Hit Distance (Max & Average)
  • Batting Stats: BA, SLG, HHA, , LPH, LD%, FB%, GB%

Results are charted for both performance off the tee and live pitching.
Each BAR takes approximately 20 minutes.